It Started With A BIG Vision...

Our vision is to get the right people get in their flow... and in turn help businesses grow!

Today, Scion Social is actively making an impact where it matters. Using the power of ‘new age’ social media combined with their intent to benefit businesses and help organisations move to the next level, Scion Social is building the social networth of clients worldwide!

The Workplace Vision - "The Happiness Quotient"

What is the mantra behind more productivity? Simple. A bunch of happy people. That is what drives Scion – to create a workplace that is high on the happiness quotient.

The vision is to make this the ‘world’s greatest workplace’. Siddharth and Meena both come from a corporate background so they have done everything to digress from the norms set by a typical corporate world.

And together they have built a place where people love to do what they do and the result is happy clients too! There are no employees here, just team members working together to create a ‘WOW’ factor.