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5 Best Logo Design Trends of 2019


You got to connect with it as you pass a moving bus, or on a side lamp as you whizz past, or in the creases of bags. The power of a logo cannot be underestimated. A good one will never fail to connect with people no matter where it is. And for this connect to happen your design needs to be practical, eye-catching & memorable!

Here are some logo design trends that are spreading like wildfire.

Variable Logos:

Flexibility is key to logo design. Your logo needs to look its best no matter your target audience. Variable Logo Designs are the best examples of adaptability in design. Young, old, middle-aged -whoever your audience variable logos are made for all. Strongly challenging the one-fits-all approach, Variable logos have the ability to based on the audience. The iconography and topography can be customized in a big way to suit your audience. The Perm Opera Ballet Theatre in Russia can change their logo based on the production being performed.


Going Against The Grain:

You surely remember FedEx, don’t you? And if you do, it’s basically because of the hidden arrow between the E and X. Tricking the eye is basically playing around with perspective. Something distorted, something hidden. For eg: Our designer, @Syed made this logo for a residential project based out of Bangalore. Can you find the hidden house in this logo..??

Using Colours To Tell A Story:

Colours are not just an accessory or a prop in logo design. Backed by strong purpose the choice of colour is based on demographic, the brand’s message and relationship. For eg; for this ice cream brand below which is going for the Zen appeal, the blue fits really well. Blue, one of the cool colours, reinforces the calm, cool, relaxed state of mind that Zen signifies.

Negative Space Takes Centre Stage:

Well, here again FedEx would be a great example. They can easily be called the pioneers for designs that elevate the negative space. Taking away something from the design gives designers the space to include their ideas. So basically exclude to include is the norm. Some more examples below:

Tapping the Overlapping:

PayPal was to introduce this in 2014 and since then it has stuck. Bright colours, bold shapes and the magic of opacity. Overlapping has offers the advantage of minimalism in eye catching ways. The design merges the letters WAM to create the illusion of mountain peaks.

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