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What Our Clients Say

  • Jayaram Rajaram
    Managing Partner,

    Scion Social has added a zing to Bril’s social media presence. Their systematic and passionate action has helped Bril reconnect with its old customers on facebook beautifully. The contests are planned and executed meticulously to engage and enthral fans and convert them to customers. We love working with Scion Social and hope this is just the beginning.

  • Vishwanath Iyer
    Yoga & Love

    I arrived in India not knowing much about the quality of developers until I met the Scion team. Here is team of young men and women with a drive to contribute to a quality message & whose support is unparalleled. What is amazing is, they have taken complete ownership & I am thrilled to have them working on my pet project. Each member has the unique ability to make a contribution and seamlessly disappear into the background, while another young star shines forth until the dance of excellence recycles. I have gotten tons of compliments on the my site in the U.S. Take a bow scion team.

  • Beejal Parmar

    Being, VP of I have to be very careful whom I refer to my clients. While we provide a wide range of outsourced services, there are times when a higher level of expertise is required in terms of strategy and funnel design. I had been on the look out for a website company that understood the nuances of website design, funnel structure, copy writing. The company I choose to work with was Scion. Having evaluated their capabilities, I first referred a very dear friend of mine, Vishwanath Iyer. After carefully tracking & seeing the first class work they did for him, I am happy to say I am now using the Scion team for my projects, and referring other friends and clients to them without hesitation.

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