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From stationary products to other children centric fun learning and development products; the company Bril came a long way.

However, consumers always perceived this three generation old company as simply a manufacturer of inks. Scion Social helped people see their new avatar. And the result? Well, let’s just say Bril is not just an ‘ink’ company anymore!

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Carol Talbot

A motivational speaker, master trainer and NLP expert; Carol Talbot is the founder of Matrix Training. She makes people think differently and gets them ‘fired up’ for action!

Our objective for this inspiring speaker was to build an online presence for her and her company from scratch and take it to great heights. A 10,000 fan base is now her (and our) success story! And the story continues…

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Paresh Lamba

Fifteen glorious years of unique designs and sartorial magnificence– Paresh Lamba is a fashion maestro and trendsetter of ‘fashion for men’! Known for his customised apparel, the need was to create a customised website for him.

A strong social media presence to have more people walk into the shop was also the aim. The website, Facebook and Twitter worked their magic and voila! – he had an increased social net worth and more business!

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Right Selection

Middle East’s most sought after event organisers and hosts of world’s best workshops – ‘Right Selection’ has top authors and leaders like Jack Canfield, John Gray, Brian Tracy, Tony Buzan, Ron Kaufman, Bob Urichuck etc. to their merit.

An active social media presence and a wider base of lifelong learners were on their objective list.

Just one contest and we went from 1,500 to 5,000 fans! Today it is 11,000 fans and we are still going strong! And they are celebrating their 20 years of inspiring success!

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Simply Healthy Diets

Dubai’s celeb dietician and nutritional expert, Mitun De Sarkar owns the company Simply Healthy Diets. Guest on TV shows, consultant position at a reputed hospital and a columnist in health magazines etc., she has a strong offline presence and Scion Social stepped in to make her online presence equally strong.

A sound social media strategy helped increase her client base and had more people subscribe to her diet programs. True story!

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