5 Ways Instagram Influencers Can Help Grow Your Brand

5 Ways Instagram Influencers Can Help Grow Your Brand

If you’re trying to grow your brand on Instagram, you may have some misgivings at the idea of using “influencers”, wondering if it’s even something that works. In truth, brands have been utilizing the influence of celebrities for decades and Instagram is no different. Though “Instagram famous” may not be exactly the same thing as being a world-famous celebrity, the result of their influence is the same. Read on to find out how Instagram influencers can help you to grow your brand.

What is Influencer Marketing and How Does it Work?

The recent popularization of social media makes it possible for anyone to create great content and use it to build a loyal following, which brands can then utilize. An influencer promoting your product WILL bring it to the attention of their followers. In fact, studies have shown that 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust the opinions of their influencers even more than they do world-famous celebrities. The reasons for this are manifold; one of the main ones being that influencers are more accessible to the general public. Brands pay influencers to either use, promote or mention their product – prompting their loyal fans and followers to engage and boosting your marketing reach by a long shot.

1.    Expand Your Reach with User-Generated Content

The aim of any campaign is, of course, for it to go viral with maximum engagement and reach and one of the best ways to do that is to invite users to create their own content about your brand. Create a catchy hashtag that represents your brand message and a description that prompts users to post their own content using your hashtag. Once an influencer creates a post – perhaps a selfie of them holding or using your product – and encourages their followers to do the same, Instagram can soon be flooded with photos of users using your product. To boost your campaign even more, you can ask people to tag your brand in their posts, and even offer a reward for the most creative or most liked post. By making it a competition, you could see a significant boost in engagement and ROI for your campaign.

2.    Experiment with Multiple Mediums

Another way to achieve that high ROI from campaigns using Instagram influencers is by utilizing their various platforms. Most influencers promote their content on multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Your campaign can grow from Instagram and reach thousands more followers by using different platforms.

3.    Use an Influencer Marketplace

You will want to find the right influencer to help with the marketing of your campaign; so instead of doing a lot of tedious research, why not use an influencer marketing platform or tool? The advantages are:

  • You can improve and narrow down your influencer search with filters and pre-vetted influencers
  • You can easily access the analytics of the progress of your campaign
  • You can automate your billing to make it easier

4.    Work with a Team of Micro-Influencers

Since working with a high-profile influencer can be expensive, another alternative is to work with a number of micro-influencers, which can often generate the same reach you would get working with just one high-profile influencer. While reach is important, engagement is the Holy Grail of social media promotion.

You can measure your engagement with this formula: Engagement rate = # of likes + # of comments / # of followers.

Micro-influencers might have less reach but actually manage to engage their audiences a lot more (6% compared to the average 1.6% for celebrities). So, if you combine the efforts of the micro-influencers, you can end up getting a lot more actual engagement on your posts.

5.    Position Yourself for Different Audiences

Your brand has its own story, but that story can be told from many different points of view to engage different types of audiences. When a brand can use different angles to tell their story, it can result in very powerful reach and engagement.

A good example of this is the campaign Mercedes- Benz launched last year for their 2017 GLS sport utility car. They used 2 separate influencers to create Instagram and YouTube content.

While one influencer photographed the car in the snow with a Siberian husky running beside it, generating engagement from animal lovers and the outdoors and outdoor sports lovers; the other influencer – chef Chris Coombs – created a post in which he drove the car around, assembling ingredients for a meal. This appealed to foodies, restaurant lovers and health food supporters. Together, the two posts generated 173 million impressions on Instagram and 2.3 million likes and comments. Impressive!

In conclusion, working with Instagram influencers could make the difference for any brand that wants to expand its reach and promote its products. Find the way that will work best for you and go for it!

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How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Paying Customers
If you’ve been a regular on social media over the last couple of years, as most people are, you will have noticed that the promotion of brands through social media has gained a lot of momentum in a very short period of time. The reason behind this is clear. With an estimated 2.8 billion people using social media in 2016 and a 21% rise in 2017 alone, there is no doubt that we are living in the social media age. However, even if your brand page or account has a lot of followers, converting those followers into paying customers – though that is the ultimate goal – can be tricky. Here are 4 ways to turn your followers into customers.

Have a Designated Landing Page

The reasoning behind this is straightforward. If led to your home page, the user may browse, lose interest and leave. The main goal, when someone clicks on your Google Adwords or Facebook Ad, is to get their contact information, which you can then use to market your brand to them further. The best way to get a user’s email address is to offer them a lead magnet in exchange for their information. Hence, the importance of a good landing page.

Special Deals

Who doesn’t love a good deal? The very idea that you are getting something for less than the market price is enough to motivate just about anyone to go ahead and buy it (Black Friday, anyone?). If the deal is time-bound – 24 hours only, for example – this increases its value and the gives the customer a sense of urgency. Even better; market the deal only to your followers on social media. This gives an impression of exclusivity as well as affinity and, more often than not, will turn a follower into a customer faster than anything else.

Host a Contest

Fact: People love having their favourite brands share or repost one of their photos. As a follower of many brands on social media, I can assure you this is true. The best way to solicit some great customer-generated content is to host a contest. Ask your followers to post a photo of your product – or of them with your product – come up with a unique hashtag for them to include in the post, a covetable prize for the winner, and you’re set. Even though there will only be one winner, this will get your followers engaged and all of their followers will see it too, which is basically free advertising and who doesn’t want that?

Add Value

We’ve all seen those Twitter posts that went viral; you know, the ones where a customer tweets the company, maybe even with a complaint, and the brand replies quickly, solving the problem and maybe even adding in a bit of banter. That is effective marketing. It humanizes your brand and sets you apart from other brands. Responding in a timely and helpful manner will keep your existing customers happy and loyal as well as convert numerous others into paying customers.

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Loop Your Viewers In With Boomerang

Loop In Your Customers With Boomerang

Now all of you must be aware of what a boomerang is and how it functions. The introduction of this feature into visual media has given it an upper hand when it comes to capturing your audiences’ attention. This primarily allows you to create awesome content that loops back and forth.

As is the human tendency, we want to use everything that is made available to us to the fullest and for anything and everything. In order to help you adventurers out there we have a couple of points on how you can captivate your audience with the help of this cool app, courtesy of Likeable.

Here are three perks of using Boomerang for your marketing needs.

1. Captivate your Audience

Your audience scrolls through social media feeds all the time. They see picture after picture, and status after status. Don’t let your brand’s feed become stale. Boomerang will catch the eye with movement. Consumers have such short attention spans, but Boomerangs are only one second long. The app is great because it’s hard to lose your audience in just one second.

2. Use with Ease

Don’t have the means to make a GIF? Boomerang is now your best friend. You can easily make GIFs straight from your phone, without fancy video equipment or years of experience. You don’t even need to edit your content after you shoot! With just the click of a button, you instantly have the power to make as many GIFs as your heart (or profile) desires.

3. Stand Out Among Others

Boomerang is a great way to jazz up your profile picture. Facebook now lets you use videos as your profile icon. Movement in your account’s profile image will catch attention and help you stand out from your competitors in the feed. You can feature new products or show off your brand personality with a Boomerang profile image.

Snapchat has been taking over the social media platforms, but Boomerang’s creative new content is a way for the others to fight back. Boomerang is still very new and many users are just now starting to use and experiment with it. Being one of the first brands to capitalize on this platform can propel you ahead of the others. Here are three tips to help you make the best Boomerang out there.

1. Take Advantage of Motion

Make sure you have huge movement in your Boomerang. This will ensure you catch the user’s attention with your activity. Your Boomerang should look completely different from one end of the loop to the other. Consider making things disappear and then magically appear again.

2. Think About Alternating

Playing forwards is only half the content. Your Boomerang must look good forwards AND backwards. This requires some creativity and maybe some trial and error. But a successful Boomerang will be fun to watch come back to life.


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Boost Need Not Be The Secret Of Your Energy

Boost your posts without the boost button

Let’s do things differently for a change. What if you were told that you could boost your posts on your social media platforms without using that tiny little button that says ‘Boost’. There are ways in which you can make your posts look nice and shiny in order to attract your customers. Here’s how you can do that, as explained by Meltwater.

Share great content

In order to gain and hold attention, your content needs to be worthy of your audience’s time. Producing thoughtless content and click bait simply to post something can actually do your brand more harm than good. Neil Patel recommends as many as 15 types of content that are sure to boost your traffic. His list includes infographics, memes, videos, guides and much more. The trade off? Most of them aren’t instant. They’ll take a little bit of time to produce, but will have an awesome payoff.

In addition to choosing the right type of content, aim to use high-quality graphics with entertaining, interesting and funny teasers and comments. Content that entertains and content with great images are among the top performing pieces on every network.

Use a call to action

A call to action can remind your audience to act and often boosts engagement significantly. Simply asking for retweets, shares, likes, and more guides your audience to act in the manner you’d prefer.

We’re gifting one physical copy of Adele’s new album ’25’ with three extra songs! Just retweet if you’d like to win. pic.twitter.com/S43sB86sIq

— Shady Music Facts (@musicnews_shade) November 2, 2015

Stay positive

In past studies, Facebook has found that users become less engaged when delivered negative content. Similar trends have also been seen on Twitter — users with higher follower counts tend to regularly post positive messages.

The fact of the matter is that being positive simply reflects better on your brand. You want your audience to experience your brand in a positive light and that can begin with a simple post. Besides, your social networks are never the place to badmouth, rant or argue with customers.

An example: my local animal shelter deals with pretty negative situations daily. However, their social media presence is delightfully positive — and they’re very proactive in keeping it so. While they may post an injured or abandoned animal regularly to ask for help, they always emphasise their joy to be able to help this animal. Even when animals are surrendered to the shelter, the team turns the conversation toward helping the animal and supporting the “right” decision to give the animal to a better home instead of letting audiences criticise the family that turned it in.

Perfect your timing

Timing is everything — and the old adage certainly rings true in social media. Each network has its own influx of great posting times, but it’s also important that you know what time of day is best for your audience.


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Have An Eagle Eye When It Comes To Your Rankings

Eagle eye for rankings

If you want to be strong in your SEO game you need to have a keen eye on your ranking and how they perform. Staying on top indicates that you have a good visibility in the market.

Some may think that rankings are not all that important anymore, but The Social Media Hat help us understand why we need to have a strong ranking.

1. Rankings are the only accountable result of your work

Conversions, engagement or other metrics many SEOs prefer to track instead of rankings these days can be attributed to many departments.

Keyword positions on the other hand are solely the result of SEOs work.

2. They indicate success or failure

SEMrush Position Tracking Visibility Index report showing the effect of SEO strategies on the websites presence in Google

SEMrush Position Tracking Visibility Index report showing the effect of SEO strategies on the websites presence in Google

Similarly, rankings change over time is a powerful indication of SEO success or failure.

Continuously increasing visibility in search – be it through improved rankings or increase in number of keywords the site ranks for is a clear sign that whatever you do is working.

The opposite however might indicate that your strategies are insufficient for the goal you want to achieve.

3. They also give a very good indication where your site stands in relation to competition

SEMrush Position Tracking report showing a comparison or website's rankings vs. its competitor for the same keyword

SEMrush Position Tracking report showing a comparison or website’s rankings vs. its competitor for the same keyword

A screenshot of weekly SEMrush Position Tracking email report presenting changes to rankings to a website and its two competitors

A screenshot of weekly SEMrush Position Tracking email report presenting changes to rankings to a website and its two competitors

Rankings can also tell a lot about your efforts in relation to competition.

Monitoring and analysing competitors rankings can help you spot new gains:

  • Identify new keywords you should optimise for,
  • Transactional or high value keywords worth focusing on or
  • Opportunities to beat competition with minimum effort.

4. Keywords help spot SEO problems

SEMrush Organic Positions report showing Ebay's loss of keyword rankings after Panda4.0 update in May, 2014

SEMrush Organic Positions report showing Ebay’s loss of keyword rankings after Panda4.0 update in May, 2014

Fact: a sudden change in rankings can indicate SEO related problems better than site traffic or any other metric.

Why, because for one, traffic naturally fluctuates depending on current search trends and seasonality. And therefore a small dip in the number of visitors can easily go unnoticed. Not to mention that without keyword data in Analytics investigating potential problem is almost impossible.

An unexpected drop in ranking for specific keywords on the other hand immediately suggests a problem – Google update rolling out, manual penalty or perhaps a technical problem with the website.


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