What Happens You Put I and We For Your Brand?

I and We For your Brand

You are the voice of your brand when it comes to social media. It is now your decision as to how you address your fans, using the pronoun ‘I’ or ‘we’. Both the scenarios have their pros and cons. Below is a an analysis done by Likeable which will help you decide.

Using the Personal Pronoun ‘I’


Using the pronoun ‘I’ may be the best decision for your company voice.  It assists in building repertoire, and interacting on a first-name basis, both from the corporate level and from the customer’s perspective, can create a stronger connection. When responding this way, some representatives choose to sign using a name, which allows customers to directly identify who they are speaking with. Some customers have been known to come back to the brand asking for the first representative who spoke to them by name, since they already have a relationship with this individual.  First-person perspective can assist readers in feeling like a participant in the conversation as opposed to being spoken at.


Some customers may not delight in being on a first name basis with a brand. First-person regard connotes truth, intimacy and authenticity. While some may appreciate this, it may turn others away. If there are only a few people working on your brand and responding to the majority of fans and customers, this can be seen as negative. Customers may assume there isn’t enough support on the brand side and become frustrated.  Some legal considerations can prohibit getting more personal in copy or identifying individuals.

Using the Personal Pronoun ‘We’


When responding on behalf of your brand, the right decision may be to use the language ‘we.’ Responding in an overarching way like this is more authoritative. When making announcements on social media or delivering big news or apologies, it should more likely come from the brand overall as opposed to a specific individual or person.


Using this language is more distant. The focus can be brought away from personal experience and linger more on business. Fans can start to feel like their individual complaints or thoughts are not important to the brand, and they may start to feel like they aren’t being heard.

Using Both “I” and “We” Together

Perhaps your brand would feel best if there was a mix of both, as some brands have done in the past.


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How To Get Your Customer’s Loyalty Through Social Media?

Customer Loyalty through Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of all our lives. With businesses increasingly using social media to to promote themselves and build their customer database, it is but natural for competition to be on the rise. Now you must be wondering how do you get your customers to be loyal to you.

Here, social media comes into play.

But before you devise your strategy for social media for driving loyalty, you need to keep some important factors in your mind, according to medium.com.

Listen to your customers

As today’s buyers want answers through social media, it is mandatory for your brand to response to all of their queries on every platform. According to NM Incite, Nielsen’s social media hub, 71% of the customers who received a quick and effective response on social media platforms, recommended the brand to other people. In other words, brands that effectively engages their users publicly on social media websites convey their commitment of excellent of service on a worldwide platform. This not only creates an exceptional public perception of your brand, but also it generates confidence among your customers and meet their requirements at every step.

Partner with Complementary brands

Another important step you can take to enhance your Loyalty Programs for Customers through social media is to collaborate with complementary brands for sharing educational content and giveaways with your users. This kind of experience provides value to the potential customers and drives consistent loyalty to your brand.

24/7 assistance to clients

It is highly advisable for brands to support and assist their clients all steps even through social media platforms. This bolsters the chances of conversion and thus rectifying customer loyalty.

Be a Giver

Business is a two-way relationship. The thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to give in order to receive. Take some time to like the photographs of your fans they share on their accounts. Not only that, try giving them a shout out on Facebook and Twitter. This would provide a boost not only to the exposure you receive but also the customer loyalty gets solidified.

Stay updated and Keep evolving

As the needs of today’s buyers have been continuously changing, it is highly recommended for your brand to keep evolving at every step.

Consider all the above factors before devising your social media strategy for increasing loyalty. In case, you still face any doubt contact a company that can easily help you in devising a great strategy of social media engagement.


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