How Long Before You Start Earning Money Blogging?

How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Paying Customers

The main question every prospective blogger usually has is: When or how long will it be before the results start to show?

Whether you’re a company blogging for your brand, to gain more customers or an individual looking to make a profit off your blog, the question is the same. Though the answer certainly varies, depending on many different factors, there are a few factors that need to be taken into account in every situation. They are as follows.

Your Blog Topic

Even though you can create on online business from pretty much any blog topic, there are certainly some topics that will generate better or higher income than others. It’s also important to note that while some blog topics may be popular; this does not necessarily mean they will be lucrative financially. For example, writing on pop culture related topics may earn you a lot of followers, but not necessarily as much income as a blog written on financial topics. The second topic, while not as popular, will attract followers and customers who have the money to spend and invest, getting you closer to your goal. However, one topic that it’s best to steer clear of is “How to Make Money Online”. This is simply because there are far too many scammers out there who have done too much damage to the industry to bring in many serious customers. At the end of the day, whatever you choose, there is the potential to make it work. Less lucrative topics may require more work to pay off financially, but if it’s a topic you love, then you win either way.

Your Blogging Schedule

As long as you’re consistently churning out quality content, the more often you blog, the better it is for your financial profit.

But in order to earn good money from blogging, you can’t only publish blog pots. You need to be able to create a good variety of content such as: FAQ’s, emails, landing pages, e-books and other digital resources. Limiting yourself to blog posts means limiting your revenue as well.

Your Blogging Revenue Options

Which brings us to the final factor – how you actually intend to make money from your blog. Generally, your options are:


Selling Products

Selling Services


Although advertising is the easiest option (i.e. filling your sidebar with Google AdSense ads, ads from sponsors, etc), you need an enormous amount of traffic in order to earn a decent amount of revenue from it. Having a product or service to sell is a much better option. If you’re a talented writer, a lot of readers will be willing to pay to learn from you and you can start generating income by offering your time and skills as a consultant. This will still take time and effort, but it will create a good client base and attract more and long-term customers.

The final option is creating affiliate relationships. While it may pay less as you will only earn a commission, it has the advantage of zero fulfilment. Your job is only to bring the customers in, not fulfil their requirements, which is essentially a lot easier than doing both.

How to Start Making Money Blogging as Fast as Possible

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, you need to have at least a general idea of when you can expect to see results in the form of revenue.

If you’re able to, it’s ideal to focus on creating great content and building an audience without the need for or expectation of financial payoff for the first six months of blogging. If you can do this, chances are it will result in a better long term success rate for your blog.

The reasons for this are:

Content that is not sales-oriented is more often viewed and shared.

Readers who feel like you’re in it to help them instead of yourself are more likely to subscribe to and follow you.

Sites that use Google AdSense ads tend to get less organic Google traffic, which is not the result you are looking for.

Being too focused on immediate revenue can actually impede the success of your blog. It’s important to take the time to focus on what you really want to accomplish through your blog and how you will accomplish it over time; because a successful blog is not created simply by a sheer amount of blog posts, but by creating the right kind of content that will help you gain and retain readers and followers which will ultimately lead to paying customers. Readers may not trust or appreciate you enough to pay from the beginning, but the longer they follow you and the longer your blog adds value to them, the more likely they are to give up their hard-earned cash for it.

Wrapping Up

While there can be no one definitive, across-the-board answer to this question, understanding these factors will help get you started on the right path, thinking the right way and, consequently, making effective decisions for your blog. You know the importance of thinking your blog topic through, focusing on market research and having a good blogging schedule and strategy for your content. These are the factors that, if followed through on effectively, will create the long-term success you want for your blog which is a far more attractive end goal than making a few quick and easy bucks. You can earn a good living blogging; it just takes time. Give it 6 months, focus on your goals, sharpen your approach and appreciate the solid, long-term results.

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Good Times Are Here For You Tumblr Users!

Tumblr Users can make cash out of their sites

For those of you who are unaware of what Tumblr really is, it is yet another microblogging, social media website. This is how it works, users are free to post multimedia and content that interests them to a short form blog.

And now for you folks who are seasoned Tumblr users, we bring you good word! You can not use your websites to generate some cash for yourselves. So for those of you looking to generate some extra money, why don’t you all give Tumblr a shot?

Here it has been explained as to how you can do this, all courtesy of Digital Trends.

If your Tumblr site has managed to build up a serious number of enthusiastic fans over the years, then how about some cold hard cash for your efforts?
Starting today, the Yahoo-owned company will start showing ads on its 300-million-plus blogs, and it wants to share some of the generated revenue with you.
In a post titled, “Coming soon, money from your Tumblr,” the social blogging platform outlined plans to bring ads to Tumblrs so that “people can start making money from their blogs.”

It’s not clear what form the ads will take, though it seems likely they’ll show up natively among your posts rather than anywhere else on the page. There’s no word on the revenue split either, so hold tight for more information, which Tumblr promises is coming soon.
While the ads start rolling out now, the lucre won’t start rolling in till “later this year,” the company said. And take note, site owners – you’ll first have to register your details in order to become part of the scheme. Again, those registration details are on the way.
If you’re not interested in monetizing your Tumblr blog and the thought of “ugly” ads appearing on your carefully curated site causes an instinctive grimace of disapproval, fear not. You can turn them off in settings.

Ads have for several years been appearing on a user’s dashboard page, the part of the site that pulls in posts by other Tumblr users that you follow. This latest move, however, has the potential to take ads to a much wider audience, and in turn make the company a whole lot more money, something sure to delight Verizon, which recently announced its plan to acquire parent company Yahoo for $5 billion.


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Analytics Is Key Even For Modern Copywriters

Copywriter and Analytics

Most copywriters are employed within organizations such as advertising agencies, public relations firms, company advertising departments, large stores, marketing firms, broadcasters and cable providers, newspapers, book publishers, magazines and creative agencies. Copywriters can also be independent contractors who do freelance writing for a variety of clients, at the clients’ offices or working from their own, or partners or employees in a specialized copywriting agency. Such agencies combine copywriting services with a range of editorial and associated services that may include positioning and messaging consulting, social media and SEO consulting, developmental editing, and copy editing, proofreading, fact checking, layout, and design. A copywriting agency most often serves large corporations.

It is quite essential for a copywriter to be up to date with analytics and how they work, since the content they write is primarily responsible for conversions on their clients’ business pages.

Here we can see how The Future Buzz throws light on the importance of modern copywriters being well versed with analytics.

Previously, being a great copywriter was about having that high profile client list. But having worked on a well-known media site or hot startup is just the beginning – that alone is only half the story. If you want to be truly persuasive and get conversations with your dream clients, you now have to be numbers savvy too.

You are now a great copywriter, not purely because of pedigree, but because your content improved conversions on a client website by 40%, or because your brilliantly-worded landing page helped a new publisher grow their email list from 2,000 to 10,000 subscribers in one month.

When I was consulting, those were the types of numbers that would make my ears perk up when my agency was looking at new copywriters to hire. And It’s not just marketing copywriters. We have seen a shift in journalism models as well, where writers on many popular sites are at least partially accountable for the success of a given story (including some brands actually giving bonuses for high trafficked stories).

Copywriting can no longer be considered a soft art that’s impossible to measure. It’s now incredibly easy to get data behind your work and prove success in black and white — and you should highly consider it if you want an edge in the field.

The best part is marketing teams have become much more democratized over the last few years as everyone understands the importance and benefits of sharing data with all stakeholders, something that leads to everyone’s success.

If you want to get an in with an A-list team as a copywriter, the path is simple: begin to assign clear success metrics behind your work when showing samples, or if you’re a copywriting agency, include a healthy amount of proof points and data on your own collateral.

So, don’t just link to a bunch of articles, blog posts, web pages, or email campaigns you wrote. Instead, spend the extra effort to package your work in a case study format with some proof points (hint: start to make this part of your process as you work so you can have a list of successes anytime).

A few sample metrics you could consider including:

  • Results of an webpage A/B test you created (shows you understand how to effectively test two different messages while staying on brand as well as work with analysts).
  • Pageviews for the content your company publishes for thought leadership such as executive posts you ghost wrote (perhaps average views per month, show us you created something that’s in consistent demand not just when first published).
  • Social shares for all your content (indicates you understand how to create sticky content and have your finger on the pulse of what’s sharable).
  • Performance of the emails that you write. Specifically the click through rate and even the number of business-related conversions that result from your email.
  • Anything else that matters to your client in your specific field


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How To Pump Out More Traffic To Your Blog? Seven Tips That Rock!


Eventually every blogger comes to an understanding that there is not enough traffic for his or her blog. For a beginner blogger there may be no traffic at all. When the traffic level goes down it is a real pain for a blog that used to rule. While the insane amount of traffic is what we all secretly (mostly not) desire.

And surely the question comes to mind –


There are just three possible answers:

  1. You do something wrong
  2. You don’t do something you could do
  3. You don’t do anything wrong,.. because you do nothing

If you intend to keep your strategy up with the answer #3 and just sit on your buttocks – there is nothing for you in this post.

If you’re searching the way for improvement – let’s move on!

1. Share More Than Once

One of the first things you do after posting your article is sharing it via all of your social media channels. That’s the natural way to speak-out loud and attract attention. But to share-and-forget is not enough. It’s not that I offer you to be annoying and piss off your followers.

But hey! Think of the following reasons:

  • Some of your readers might have missed what you’d shared
  • Someone just forgot to click-through, although intended to
  • You readers may be living in even opposite time zones

Think carefully of these reasons and draw up a sharing schedule like this:

Social sharing schedule timeline

But never turn into a spammer. Draw a line and use it wise! Check out this post byKissmetrics to see how it worked for them. See also this related post: The Secret Of Timing In Social Marketing

2. Add A Link To Your Latest Post Into Your E-mail Signature

Just think of the number of people you e-mail every day. This simple action will be a reminder that you have a blog. It may be intriguing enough to click the link. Just don’t forget to update it from time to time. This may not only be a link to your latest post, but to any post of yours. And since it is not in the letter body, you don’t ask for a click-through in plain.

[Note from Editor: If you use Gmail or Hotmail, you could use a handy tool calledWiseStamp for setting up your Email footers professionally]


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